Viking runecraft

Viking Runecraft is a challenging tile-and-dice game played on a big, sevenx7 grid of squares that refill after each winning win. The creators of the game, Play N Go, did an incredible job designing Viking Runecraft to be both visually appealing and addictive. The result is visually stunning and addictive, and every roll of the dice will make use of both sound and slow animation. This high end game requires no technical skill to play, but players need to use their imagination to solve the puzzle and win.

In the game of Viking Runecraft, players can create their own gods from any mythology imaginable. Players start by choosing a god from a random selection based on a dice roll. Once you have chosen your god, you randomly generate a divine rune that can be used to create either a warrior healer, or thief, among other items that can then be placed on your god’s body. You can place as many runes on your god as you want, but beware–if you place more runes on your god than it can handle, the game will be over and you will lose all your wins! The good news is that there are nine Viking sagas in the game and one for each of the nine heavens.

Your goal in Viking Runecraft is to get your Vikings to land on the squares designated with a Viking rune, which will activate their special abilities. As you move your Vikings across the grid, they will collect power according to the speed at which they move, and this power can be used to activate special effects such as swords and fire, or it can be converted into magical power for use against enemy gods. These special abilities can often be used in combination with special Viking skills, such as Viking spinning blades and Viking flying mounts.