Village people macho moves

Now that you have played enough free casino games, you are probably ready to take on the big boys. There are few slot games with a better payoff, and there is no question that the Village People Macho Moves is one of those slots. This is a single-reel black jack game that you could play for free here, then turn it over for real money at any of the top Microgaming online casinos. If you have been playing slots for awhile and haven’t had much success, it could be time to up the ante and challenge yourself with a true live casino slot machine. And if you want to get some extra cash on your bill, it is time to check out the hot new free slots that are available right now. Here are some tips for how to win big jackpots on the Village People Macho Moves.

First of all, winning with the Village People Macho Moves depends upon you getting the highest total bet possible and you win more than your investment in the reels. The trick to winning on this slot machine is to know when to lay down bets based upon which symbols are on the reels. Each time you put a bet, say, you have three regular symbols on the reel and two special symbols on the payline. You also need to make sure you hit the “max win” symbol in order to collect your winnings.

If you hit the “max win” symbol your winnings will be based upon totaling up the total amount of cash on all of your bets. When you place bets, remember you only have until the end of the round to get as many coins on the payline or line, but you do not have to use all of your icons on the reels. When you see two wild icons on the pay line then you know you can stop. However, when you see one wild icon does not stop because you still have time to get two regular symbols on the reel and two wild icons on the payline before the end of the game.